Nelms Family in Tasmania / Victoria

George NELMS, who was baptised at Ickford on 5 Apr 1822, was transported to Tasmania as a convict. He left aboard the 'Anson' on 14 Sep 1843 and arrived in Hobart Town on 4 Feb 1844. Family legend has it that George's father, Thomas (1791), was caught and had to appear at the Brill magistrate court (he was referred to Oxford Assizes) but George, knowing that this would mean Tasmania for his father, appeared at the Assizes instead and pleaded guilty to stealing. Some say a goose, some say two ducks and the report of the trial said three game birds.

After his ten years he came out of the penal colony but, like the rest, had no means to go home. He went to work for an elderly couple, who owned a wooden hotel and beer house, as a handyman. They had no children and when they died they left it to George, who sold up, bought land and set himself up sheep farming. George married Catherine PURCELL (also known as Catherine MEANY) on 20 Mar 1850 at Richmond, Tasmania and he died on 13 Sep 1901 at Ararat, Victoria. Catherine was born at Kilkenny, Ireland in 1815 and died at Ballarat, Victoria on 20 Feb 1911. George and Catherine had four sons who were all born in Tasmania. They were Richard (1850-1929), George (1852-1932), Henry (1854) and James William (1856-1931).

Richard was born on 23 Dec 1850 at Bridgewater, Tasmania and died on 1 Jan 1929 at Daylesford, Victoria. After being employed as a farm labourer Richard was appointed to the Victoria Police Force in 1875. On 4 May 1877, in Melbourne, he married Mary CAREW of Tipperary, Ireland. Their children were Patrick Henry (1878-1917), twins Eliza Esther & Mary Ann (born 1879 and died a month apart in 1880), Richard Gregory (1881-1929), George Alipius (1884-1935), Johanna Leonore (1885-1918) and Joseph Leo (1888-1926). In 1901 Richard was promoted to Sergeant 2nd Class and then in 1903 was discharged from the Police Force after being found unfit due to ill-health. Joseph Leo joined the Victoria Police Force in 1914 but was discharged in 1915 to join the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and served overseas at the Gallipoli Peninsula, the Middle East and France with the 22nd and 65th Australian Infantry Battalions. He discharged from the AIF in 1919 and was re-appointed to the Police Force. He was discharged from the Police Force by order of the Chief Commissioner in 1923 for refusing duty in a massive Police strike.

George was born in Brigewater, Tasmania in 1852 and died on 8 Jul 1932 in Coburg, Victoria. He married Sarah SMITH in 1878 and their children were Catherine (1879-1945), Henry James (1882-1945), Albert John (1884-1966), George Henry (1886-1968), Victor Leslie (1889-1962) and Walter David (1891-1958).

Henry was born at New Norfolk, Tasmania on 23 Aug 1854.

James William was born in Hobart, Tasmania in 1856 and died in Ararat, Victoria in 1931. On 27 Aug 1883 he married Sarah Jane WILSON at Echuca, Victoria. Their children were George Henry (1884-1941), Richard Godfey (1887-1953) and Lena Effie (1894-1977). Lena married Joseph Leo (1888-1926).

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